Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apps Store Strategy - Consulting Companies

One of the main drivers behind the Apps store strategy is that consulting companies can monetize SaaS products by engaging in EAI work. The adoption of SaaS in my opinion by Consulting companies has not happened very well because they are not able to offer services where they can make money on implementing SaaS based products. So if they can offer a wide range of SaaS products through an Apps store and get consulting dollars for the EAI work, then they do not completely loose business to SaaS players and at least get part of the revenue of the new engagement. They also provide better value to their customers by providing visibility to the various SaaS based solutions and strengthen their credibility as a trusted advisor.

1 comment:

  1. Can you illustrate this with a simple example on the positioning aspects here...If there are already appstores such as Appexchange,, Zoho etc. why would another appstore from a consulting company make a difference? Also regarding EAI, companies like Boomi, CastIron already had given a boost in reduced integration offerings in the form of "Integration-As-A-Service" capabilities, I feel the Appstore makes a better offerings for these folks vs consulting companies..